At Swecon, innovation drives us to continuously develop our products and services, introduce digital tools to improve efficiency, and find innovative solutions to problems.

Innovation at Swecon

The future of construction equipment is equally crucial for us as it is for our partners. Through strong partnerships we can build an innovative construction industry with longer lasting machinery that is effortless, sustainable, and not least enjoyable.

From remote video support, to telematics, to machine failure prevention, we can provide the latest innovations for heavy-duty operations - all in close collaboration with you, the customer - putting your business needs at the heart of our innovative work.

Three of our innovations

  • mySwecon

    Our digital tool, mySwecon is your digital assistant in the workplace.

    To make your life easier, we’ve gathered all the services that you as a customer need to make everyday life easier.

  • Used spare parts

    By combining innovational initiatives with sustainability, we make use of what is already produced - reducing our environmental impact and providing a cheaper alternative to remanufactured components.

  • Electric machines

    Make progress in a sustainable, efficient and peaceful way with our revolutionary electric construction machines. Get the job done with less noise, fewer vibration and no exhaust fumes.

The future of construction equipment

With autonomous vehicles, electrification, and connectivity, we are at the beginning of a major change, where a shift in technology is taking place in our industry and our society. This shift will involve new customers and segments that we do not do business with today.

New business models and services will be created as market demands develop, and we will most likely see, in the long run, changes in the traditional way of doing business. With extensive knowledge and a leading position within the heavy construction industry, Swecon is working closely together with our partners to be in the forefront of these developments.

The latest technology from our partners

Innovation at Volvo CE

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