Sustainable development

As a leading supplier of construction machinery, we take an active role in creating a more sustainable construction industry. Read more what we do and what we want to achieve within sustainable development at Swecon.

Our ambition

Swecon sustainability roadmap
The ambition is to continue to strengthen our position as leading supplier of construction solutions, with a clearly integrated sustainability perspective throughout the value chain. We drive a focused change process with short-term milestones to reach our long-term commitments in the areas of our customers, colleagues, and climate. The sustainability roadmap is our way to integrate sustainability in all parts of our organization.

  • Customer

    First class provider of uptime and site solutions

    To achieve by 2030

    • Uptime center in place with proactive customer approach including active care and fault trace functionality.
    • Site solution offering in place focusing on customer success in areas of safety, process improvements, productivity, financing, cost efficiency, CO2 reduction programs and energy storage solutions.
  • Colleague

    Responsible business with health and safety always top of mind

    To achieve by 2030

    • Reach Excellence in culture ladder & Injury rate < 1.
    • > 20% of females in the organization.
    • A gender split of 70/30 in management teams.
  • Climate

    A value chain that is CO2e Net Zero 2050

    To achieve by 2030

    • Reduce absolute Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 50% (baseline 2019) in all operations.
    • 30% electric machines (of yearly new unit sales).

Making a sustainable change

Swecon want to lead sustainability transition among dealers of heavy equipment
Our keys to reach a long-term sustainable construction industry are partnerships throughout the value chain, taking responsibility for ones’ business and meeting the needs for you as a customer.

We strive for a loop where production, consumption and reuse are interconnected and transparent.

How we develop and transform our business

Read about our sustainability initiatives from our local markets.

  • Swecon Baumaschinen GmbH successfully implements first Volvo Rebuild in Germany

    Swecon Baumaschinen GmbH was the first dealer in Germany to rebuild a machine according to the certified Volvo Rebuild Programme, giving a 13-year-old machine a second life.
    Link to press release in German

  • Swecon Group joins Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

    Swecon Group is taking the next step in its sustainable development journey, by setting science based and ambitious targets towards a net-zero value chain no later than 2045 with significant emission reductions as early as 2030. To be transparent in the progress, Swecon Group is committing to the Science Based Targets initiative.
    Link to press release in Swedish
    Link to press release in German

  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions at Swecon Sweden thanks to HVO100

    One of Swecon's sustainability goals is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030, with 2019 as the base year. Refueling our service vehicles with the renewable fuel HVO100 is an important step along the way.
    Link to press release in Swedish

  • The results of the Eco Operator training at NCC were far beyond expectations

    NCC has identified idling as an area where they can become even better. Therefore, all quarries in the South and West districts in Sweden have completed Eco Operator training with very good results. 
    Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • Companies cooperate to increase electrification

    Lantmännen Fastigheter, Swecon and OKQ8 are joining forces to develop charging infrastructure and enable easy electric vehicle charging at 30 locations in Sweden. Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • A small ecosystem in place at Swecon Eskilstuna, Sweden

    A beehive and some insect hotels are now located in a meadow outside Swecon's machine shop next to neighboring farmland. Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • Renewable fuel in the tank in customer-sold Volvo machines from Swecon Sweden

    More and more new Volvo machines are leaving Swecon with the fossil-free fuel HVO100 in the tank. HVO100 is classified as a renewable fuel and is produced from hydrogen-treated vegetable oil. Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • The safe@swecon initiative has resulted in much lower sickness rates

    In two years, the number of workplace accidents leading to sick leave has been reduced by more than half. Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • Swecon Baumaschinen awarded Top Company 2023 by kununu

    This award recognises the company's commitment and achievements in terms of working conditions, work culture and job satisfaction of its employees. Link to press release (in German)

  • Swecon and Lantmännen in joint investment in emission-free expansion of charging posts

    Swecon and Lantmännen Fastigheter make a joint investment in charging points. When Swecon in Uppsala, Sweden,  installed new charging stations, a Volvo ECR25 Electric played the main role. Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • Econova measures its climate footprint with mySwecon

    "Being able to read the climate footprint for each individual machine is really good. It makes it easier for both us and our customers to have exact figures when we declare our sustainability work," says Tobias Marklund, business developer at Econova. Link to press release (in Swedish)

  • Swecon's dismantling of spare parts is good for the environment

    Reusing what is already produced reduces the environmental impact of the industry. This has now also been analysed and documented. Swecon has conducted an environmental impact analysis of a front axle that was dismantled at the workshop in Torshälla and refurbished for reuse. (Link to press release in Swedish.)

  • Recycling of machine parts is a rapidly growing business

    An almost new Volvo EC140E - which fell off a trailer and cracked the frame - was recently celebrated at Swecon's dismantling facility in Torshälla.
    Reason: it was the 300th machine to be dismantled into its component parts and become sought-after used spare parts. (Link to press release in Swedish.)

Agenda 2030

The Global Goals for sustainable development
The UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) call on governments, companies, and civil society to take action to address social and economic challenges.

Companies can use the SDGs as an overarching framework to shape, steer, communicate, and report their strategies, goals, and activities, allowing them to capitalize on a range of benefits.

Focus areas

Swecon has identified four focus areas where our actions have the highest impact.

No 5; Gender equality
No 8; Decent work and economic growth
No 9; Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
No 12; Responsible consumption and production

These are continuously KPI monitored on group and local level.

Sustainability report

Swecon belong to the Lantmännen family. Lantmännen strives to provide relevant and transparent reporting of the work on responsibility and sustainable development. Here you find the latest Lantmännen Annual Report with Sustainability Report (

Lantmännen Annual Report with Sustainability Report

UN Global Compact

In 2009, Lantmännen signed the Global Compact, the UN initiative for responsible business, which involves a commitment to implement the Global Compact’s ten principles in the business. Annually, signatories report to the UN Global Compact on progress in relation to the commitment and ten principles.
Read about Lantmännens commitment to the principles of UN Global Compact.






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