At Swecon, safety is in our DNA. We always aim to ensure the highest level of safety in our machinery and operations.

Safety and protection services

We work hard to ensure safety is a top priority for our workforce and in our machinery operations. This means that both our employees and you can handle equipment with confidence and minimal risk – all in a safe working environment.

Thanks to our range of safety and protection functions, the risk of accidents, interruptions, and unexpected costs for your business are reduced.

Working with Safety

  • Employee safety

    Our safe@swecon initiative fully supports and promotes safety culture in the workplace.

    We organise local safety workshops and collect feedback from our co-workers regularly.

  • Personal protective equipment

    Swecon employees are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).

    To further maintain safety regulations, we encourage all employees to make a report on any risk potential connected to the work environment.

  • Achieving health and safety excellence

    At Swecon, we’re always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

    A big part of this is developing a safety culture to achieve health and safety excellence by 2030.

  • Customer safety operating machines

    Safety is built into every design element of our machinery.

    We have a range of safety and security features that help reduce the risk of accidents, interruptions, and unexpected costs.